In the project, I pay homage to the activism of the group Dolle Mina, whose playful protests largely contributed to the discourse of gender equality in the Netherlands. The group's emergence in 1969 marked a turning point in the Dutch feminist movement, provoking conversations about bodily autonomy that continue to resonate today. Drawing from the extensive archive provided by Amsterdam's Atria Institute for Emancipation and Women's History, I gained insights into DM's advocacy for the improvement and democratization of education on sex and society. Positioned within the broader European landscape, the sculpture of the children's bed serves as a reminder that reproductive rights are not universally assured. It remains significant to recognize the persisting legal constraints on abortion across several nations. The work „I Cannot Recall More Distress" touches on the strong anxiety faced when access to birth control is restricted and the frustration of navigating life where reproductive choices are controlled by external forces.
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